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Products details

  • Shape:Powder
  • SiO2 Content (%):1.0%max
  • Al2O3 Content (%):12%max
  • MgO Content (%):65%min
  • CaO Content (%):1.2%max
  • Refractoriness (Degree):1770???< Refractoriness< 2000???
  • CrO Content (%):non
  • SiC Content (%):non
  • Packaging:50 kg.
  • Certification:ISO 9001:2008


We are leading manufacturer and exporter of Refractories.


Sharad enterprises is a prominent manufacturer and exporter of variousindustrial abrasive products, basic chemicals, magnesium oxychloridesorel cement products. Quality is checked at each stage and the finalproducts are tested against stringent quality standards ensuring timelydelivery in the process. The company is consistently updating itsinfrastructure and technical facilities to overpower tough competitionin the market.


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